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Why Choose Tennessee Bounce House?

Tennessee Bounce House is locally owned and operated in Thompson's Station , Tennessee. We focus on providing top quality USA made inflatables with the best customer service in the industry. When you book with us you can be sure that we will be providing great quality inflatables, that will be less than 3 year old and our staff will be professional and courteous. Once you book your event we will handle all aspects of inflatables.

Booking an Inflatable:

- How far in advance can I reserve a bouncer or slide?
You can reserve an inflatable as early as you like. Inflatables are subject to availability. We recommend reserving your inflatable at least a week in advance.
- What is the difference between a fillable pool and a Inflatable Splash Pad?
The units with inflatable pools have a sprayer system for the slide and have an actual pool attached to the bottom of the slide. This will fill about 1-2' of water deep. The inflatable splash pads also have a srayer system for the slides and hold a small amount of water and as the sprayers flow the water will run down the slide, a small pool of water will develope at the bottom of the slide and excess water will run out of the inflatable. Inflatable Splash pads can also be nice for when using the slide dry and on a hard surface.
- Where do you deliver?
Please click the Delivery Area link on the menu bar. This will allow you to enter your address and check if we delivery to you. We typically delivery 30 miles from 1771 Lewisburg Pike, Franklin, TN 37064 between 30 and 40 miles we charge a $60 delivery fee and these locations are subject to our availaility, Please call before booking if you are over 30 miles away.
- Can I pick the inflatable up?
To ensure proper setup of the inflatable, we do not allow units to be picked up. Upon delivery of the inflatable, we will go over safety procedures and answer any questions you may have.
- Can we use extension cords?
NO! The blower for the inflatable must be within 50' of an electrical wall outlet. We cannot add extension cords to this. The blowers draw a large amount of power and using excessively long extension cords can cause a hazardous situation as this causes excess heat to build up at the elctrical outlet.
- Do I need a generator?
The inflatables include a 50’ power cord, extension cords are not permitted due to the power draw being too high. If you do not have a wall outlet within 50’ of the inflatable, a generator will be needed and available to rent.
- How many generators do I need?
One generator can run two blowers. Please look in the details section of the inflatable you are renting. You can use 2 inflatables per generator that need 1 Power Outlet or you could use 1 inflatable that uses 2 power outlets.
- What type of surface can the inflatable be setup on?
Grass is the ideal surface to set up the inflatables, however we can set up the unit on pavement, gravel, aggregate, concrete as long as the surface is flat. Tarps will be provided if necessary. WE CANNOT SETUP WATER INFLATABLES ON DIRT!
- How is the inflatable secured to the ground?
The inflatables are staked to the ground with 18”-24" ground stakes. If stakes cannot be used, 100 lb sand bags will be provided to hold down the unit.
- Can inflatables be setup indoors?
Yes, inflatables can be setup indoors as long as there is enough space and ceiling clearance.
- Can we keep the inflatable overnight?
Yes, just look for the (Overnight Rental) booking options under the inflatable tab.
- Do you deliver to parks?
Yes, we can deliver inflatables to parks that allow it. Pleases check with the city/park you are hosting the event for more details. Most of these parks require insurance documentation. Please allow us adequate time to get this documentation to the park facility. This usually takes 1-2 days depending on the time of day.
- What is included in the price?
The base price includes a 4 hour rental. We deliver, setup your inflatable and show you everything you need to know. Once your rental has ended we return and pack up the inflatable.
- What is an operator?
An operator is the person in charge of the inflatable while it is being used. The lessee can be the operator for the unit, alternatively you can hire an operator with us who will monitor the inflatables while on site. An operator can be added to your rental when checking out for an additional fee.

Inflatables booked, Now What?

- Do you deliver & setup?
Yes, we deliver and setup all inflatables on the day of your event.
- What should we do to get ready for our inflatable rental?
- Make sure you have adequate space for the inflatable you are renting (the dimensions are listed in the details of the inflatable you are looking at). This is the size of the inflatable we need at least 3-4 feet of clearance all the way around the inflatable.
- Clear the ground of any debris and sharp objects that may be present.
- We prefer you to not cut the grass right before your event as this causes a large amount of cut grass to get in the inflatables.
- If you rented an inflatable with water you are required to have a hose that will reach from your spigot to the inflatable.
- I rented an inflatable with water, Do I need a hose?
Our water inflatables have a sprayer system on them. You are required to provide a water hose that will reach from your spigot on your home to the side of the inflatble.
- What are my responsibilities during the party?
A responsible adult is required to supervise the inflatable at all times. It is the lessee’ responsibility to inform all participants of the rules and regulations as well as enforcing these rules. (Rules and regulations are found in the Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver)
- How many kids can be in the inflatable at one time?
Each inflatable has its own maximum capacity. Each inflatable’s capacity is listed on the website inflatable description. As well these limits are listed on each inflatable. We will go over this with you during drop-off and setup.
- Is there a cleaning charge?
Normal use of the inflatable will not incur a cleaning fee. If the inflatable is exceptionally dirty and the rules listed have not been adhered to then the lessee will incur a cleaning charge.
Please avoid:
- What time will my inflatable be delivered?
We usually make our schedule a day before deliveries. We will email you an ETA the night before as well as when we are on route to your location. Our routes change daily and depending on where your location falls on the route will determine your delivery time. We guarantee your inflatable will be delivered and usuable during the entire time you have booked. We start deliveries as early as 8:00 AM up until the time you have scheduled. Do not worry if your inflatable is delivered early this will not affect your pick up time.
- My Inflatable rental was delivered early, will this change my pickup time?
No. Sometimes we need to deliver your inflatable earlier than the time you rented in order to fulfill everyones rentals for the day on time. If we deliver your inflatable early this will not affect your pickup time.


- Do you require a deposit? When is the payment due?
Yes, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your inflatable. Balance is due on the day of the event. If the event is weathered out, we will apply your deposit to a future date. If you cancel within 5 days of your rental date you forefeit your deposit.
- Is my deposit refundable?
No, we require a $50 non-refundable deposit. In the event that your rental is weathered out we will apply this deposit to any future booking.
- What types of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, local checks, as well as all major credit cards for payment of the deposit as well as the balance of your inflatable (mobile credit card processing). Of course we prefer cash but we can accommodate any needs.

Weather and Cancellations:

- What Is your Cancellation and Rain Policy?
There is a $50 deposit due upon time of booking. During periods of severe weather conditions (i.e. rain, high winds, etc) TN Bounce House, LLC reserves the right to cancel your reservation. If your event gets weathered out we will apply your deposit for a future date. If you book an inflatable with us and decide you would like to cancel your reservation your deposit will be applied to a future booking. If you cancel your booking with us less than 5 days before your rental date you agree to forfeit your deposit. We reserve the right to address each booking on an individual basis. Once inflatables leave our facility the full balance of the inflatable rental is due.
- It is raining on the day of my inflatable rental, What do we do?
In the event of rain or bad weather we usually will update you the morning of your rental. We might email the night before letting you know we are watching the weather.

If the rain is isolated and forecast looks as if there will be clear weather for you to use the inflatable we will send you the following options.
1. We deliver the inflatable however there is a risk that we show up and its pouring rain and we cannot setup the inflatable in which case you would still be responsible for the balance.
2. We deliver the inflatable if it is clear weather and you agree that should it start to rain you will turn off and unplug the inflatable.
3. We reschedule the booking to another date in the future and you can apply your previous payment toward that date.

Once we load up and leave the warehouse you would be responsible for the balance of the inflatable even if we get there and it is pouring rain and we cannot setup the inflatable.

In the event of severe weather or high chances of rain all day we reserve the right to cancel all of the inflatables for that day and we would default to option "3." above and reschedule your rental to a day you chose.

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